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 Naba is a kindergarten that has 4 groups. Naba was opened in April 2005. Naba is located in a naturally beautiful and versatile environment of Pirita - beside a pine forest, near the Pirita river valley and a ten-minute walk from the sea. 

The house was designed by an architect Vahur Sova and it is divided into two wings - the North Pole and the South Pole. Each of the poles has two groups. In addition to the dining room, music and sports hall Naba has a swimming pool that allows kindergarten children to learn to swim. The interior designer of Naba, Mare Tosmin based the interior on natural and pure colours, which are combined whit modern urban nuances. In 2005 Naba building was acknowledge as the best wooden building.
Naba yard is provided with attraction for children of different age. In addition, Naba children can use the backyard (also called as a natural area) where there are plenty of room for athletic activities, natural observations and for creative play. For these purposes the backyard has a playhouse, berry bushes and sports means. In the backyard there is also "a stump circle" that enables outdoor learning. In 2006 Naba was acknowledge by the Educational Office of Tallinn as a kindergarten with the best yard.
The private kindergarten Naba is a safe place for a child, where there are created excellent conditions for a child's overall and natural development. We have very good specialists working with children who love their job and who are partners and supporters of families. Each group team consists of two teachers and one assistant teacher, whose main task is to assist teachers in conducting educational activities. On an everyday basis there are two grown-ups attending children at the same time - a teacher and an assistant teacher. In addition, there are music teacher, swimming teacher, movement teacher, creative movement teacher and speech therapist working with children. A child-centred pedagogy is engaged in teaching process. It is a manner of teaching that is based on a child's development.
Learning outdoors
In addition to outdoor learning day, that takes place every week, Naba has an outdoor learning project "Naba summer outside", which means that as of the spring of the year 2006 most of the activities during the summertime are conducted outside. In the Naba yard there are created activity centres, where planned activities are done. We are also hiking in nearby places, take part in study tours and carry out thematic projects.
Health promotion
In 2009 the private kindergarten Naba joined the netting of kindergartens promoting health. In order to conduct health education a plan of actions is compiled for each academic year. The plan of action is in accordance with the monthly topics of the current academic year and the health promoting activities are expressed in the following fields: health education, outdoor learning, movement, environment design (both physical and psychosocial), team-work, foodservice, trainings etc. Children in need of speech support work with speech therapist, who also has individual activities with children of other languages in order to learn the Estonian language. In conjunction with the Moreno Centre a psychological consultations are offered in case of need.
Value development
In 2008 the private kindergarten Naba took part in the preparative stage of the national programme of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research “Value Development in Estonian Society 2009-2013” during which participated a study "Analysis of Pre-School Discourse and Its Implementation for Value Development", charted Naba main values and started to compose a Naba complete value program.
In November, 2010, Naba took part in the competition "Value education at pre-school: basket of good practices". Naba was acknowledged for an outstanding performance.
In November, 2012, Naba took part in the competition "Value education at pre-school: stories and characters". Naba was awarded as the Pre-School of Value Education 2011.
The formation of Naba mutual values is a continuous process and planned activity, which reflects in Naba everyday activities, environment and is above all based on the lead of Naba grown-ups.
In addition to kindergarten, Naba has a baby club, a hobby school, a pre-school and a day-care. The target group of Naba hobby school is preschoolers. The presence of hobby school enables to discover and support a child's talents and to participate hobby groups during the kindergarten time.
Naba is opened all-the-year-round. This means that our groups are opened to families and our teachers and specialists are here for them in autumn, winter, spring and summer. Naba is a homely kindergarten, where it is good to come and good to be!
If You want to learn more about Naba, feel free to visit us - our doors are opened for You!


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